Lettering Program

Started in 2017, the BFSC Letter Award recognizes BFSC members that have demonstrated long-term commitment and dedication to the sport of figure skating and to the Brookings Figure Skating Club.  Through this program, BFSC skaters have the opportunity to receive recognition in the form of the time-honored tradition of a chenille letter for the time, effort, commitment, and dedication that they have invested in figure skating.


While the award itself is similar to varsity letters earned in high school athletics and extracurricular activities for excellence and achievement, there are also some key differences.  The BFSC Letter Award Program and Letter Award Tracking Worksheet, which can be accessed at the bottom of this page, contain program details.  The program is explained further in the following Q & A:


Question:  Who's eligible to earn a BFSC letter?

Answer:  All skaters that are full/regular members of BFSC.


Question:  What does the award look like?

Answer:  Signifying the color of a skate blade, the first letter a skater earns will be a silver chenille "B" (short for BFSC) with a figure skater pin.  Those earning additional letters will receive a service bar for each letter earned.


Question:  When are letters awarded?

Answer:  Letters and bars are presented at the BFSC annual meeting and awards banquet each spring to those that have earned a letter in the previous 12 months.


Question:  What must be done earn a letter?

Answer:  Whereas high school varsity letters for athletic and extracurricular activities typically require the participant to attain a particular level of achievement or perform in a certain number of competitions or performances each year, the BFSC board of directors recognized that not everyone has the same figure skating goals and structured the program to permit many different paths to a letter.  Participation in a wide variety of events and activities, development and advancement in skill level, performances, assisting with the development of other skaters, and general volunteer service to the club will all enable a skater to make progress toward earning a letter.


Question:  I understand the general concept.  What specifically needs to be done?

Answer:  A wide variety of activities have each been assigned a point value ranging from 1 to 20 points.  Skaters will earn points and track their progress as they complete activities that are of interest to them.  There are no required activities, meaning that no one is required to participate in a certain number of competitions, for example, or reach a certain ISI level in skating (such as Freestyle 4) to earn a letter.  For their first letter, skaters must earn 200 points; for subsequent letters, skaters must earn 100 points.  The first document linked below outlines the points earned for each activity in more detail.


Question:  How do I keep track of my progress?

Answer:  Skaters interested in working towards a letter use a worksheet to track activities and progress as activities are completed.  A parent, coach, or other adult needs to initial each activity to signify that it was completed.  Then, when the necessary points (200 or 100) have been earned the skater submits their tracking worksheet to the BFSC President who will review the worksheet for completeness and then hold the worksheet until awards are presented at the next annual meeting and awards banquet.  In the meantime, the skater may begin earning and tracking points toward their next letter.  A copy of the tracking sheet may be accessed below, but durable worksheets are available in the BFSC drawer in the warming room at Larson Ice Center.


Question:  The program started in early 2017.  Do activities completed earlier in the 2016-2017 club year count towards a letter?

Answer:  Yes, points can be earned retroactively for activities completed going back to September 1, 2016 when the club year started.  Simply add events to the worksheet as you would have added them if the program had been in place on September 1.


Question:  I'm within a couple years of graduating and leaving the club, and despite being in the club for many years I am afraid there is not enough time to still earn a letter.  Now what?

Answer:  The BFSC board wanted all current members that maintain a reasonable level of involvement in the club to have a chance to earn a letter before graduating.  With this in mind, those that were seniors, juniors, or sophomores in high school in January of 2017 can retroactively earn points toward their first letter from activities completed before September 1, 2016.  See the BFSC Letter Award Program document for details.

2017-2018 BFSC Letter Recipients (l to r):

Cloe Barber, TJ Cass, Jensi Jensen, Piper Schulz,

Brittney Hogie, Emily Stratmoen

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