To ensure the success of the Brookings Figure Skating Club and to keep all families actively engaged in the club throughout the season, a volunteer program has been established by the club.  Families are required to earn a specified number of points each season, and points may be earned by serving in various positions and volunteer roles as defined in the BFSC Job Descriptions document.  Other volunteer work approved by the board generally earns points at the rate of approximately 10 points per two hours worked.  The goal of the program is to keep all families involved and to help keep costs to operate the club at a minimum.  Families meeting their point requirement before the end of the season, however, are encouraged to continue supporting the club as long as there is work needing to be done.

A family is required to earn points based on the number and level of skaters in the club, with the maximum number of points to be earned capped at 100 points.  All points must be earned during the period starting September 1 and ending August 10 of the following year.  Extra points earned may not be carried over to the following year or transferred to another family.

Each family will be required to complete and submit a Volunteer Agreement along with a deposit check for the value of the points the family is to earn.  The dollar value of each point has been established at $2.00.  If the required points have not been earned as of August 10, the family will be notified by BFSC that the deposit check will be cashed, and a check representing the dollar value of the points actually earned will be sent to the family.  Alternately, the family may contact the BFSC Membership Chair to pay the dollar value of the unearned points in exchange for the original points deposit check.

A report of volunteer points earned to date will be communicated by the BFSC Membership Chair on a monthly basis.

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