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Welcome to the website of the  Brookings Figure Skating Club!

The Brookings Figure Skating Club (BFSC) is dedicated to promoting the sport of amateur figure skating, providing continual education and training opportunities for its members and instilling good sportsmanship.  To do this we provide the programs and facilities that will encourage each individual to achieve their own goals in a safe and healthy environment.

BFSC is a member of the Ice Sports Industry (ISI) and partners with the Brookings Park & Recreation Department for group lessons following the ISI curriculum. The purpose of this program is to take a skater from beginning lessons to higher levels, offering all age and all level competitions that are recognized nationwide.

Membership in the ISI program includes such benefits as:  earning colorful badges for each completed level, monthly issues of the Recreational Ice Skating magazine, and coverage by ISI individual member accident insurance with a $25,000.00 medical/dental expense maximum and a $1,000.00 deductible per injury.

If you are interested in registering for skating lessons, please visit the City of Brookings Park & Recreation Department activity registration website.